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We invite to PKiN as the best place to organize events. If interested, please send your inquiry to zarzad@pkin.pl. We will respond shortly with a comprehensive offer, including rental costs and proposed services.

A security deposit is required to make a booking (non-refundable in case of cancellation). The booked space will be made available after signing a rental agreement. Bookings can be made no later than 3 days before the event.

Please read Terms of renting PKiN facilities and event space in the Warsaw Congress Center  9 in polish) and Specification of PKiN rooms and halls. Click a name of a room to open detailed information about it and its full view (360o). You can go for a virtual tour around all rooms available in PKiN.

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Marketing and Events Department:

tel. (22) 656 6141
tel. (22) 656 7727
tel. (22) 656 7768 (office)
tel. (22) 656 7723
tel. (22) 656 7780
fax (22) 656 6208